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Odd Monster is a brand helmed by the individual artist and self-proclaimed nerd/street fashion enthusiast Rachael Herb-Neterer.

As a brand, Odd Monster draws inspiration from the 80's and 90's overall style aesthetic, (Patterns with weird shapes? Check. Obnoxious color palettes? Check.) pop culture, Japanese street fashion styles such as lolita, fairy-kei, otome, otaku culture, and a  healthy dose of trashy horror and the occult.

Located on the west coast, each piece is sewn, printed and/or embellished by hand by the designer herself, or sourced through local companies close to home whenever possible.

Odd Monster is a slow fashion company. The brand strives to create each piece individually - with a focus on where materials come from - all the while creating something a little bit cute, a little bit nerdy, and a little bit odd for all the other fashionable weirdos out there.

Stay cute, stay odd.

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With your "beer money," you are helping to support the ongoing business expenses of a small, women-owned street fashion brand. This could include anything from purchasing art supplies and sewing materials, paying for web hosting, producing sample pieces, to purchasing printing supplies.

Anything that helps make Odd Monster run, (including beer!) you are helping to support that here.